I’m currently a Masters student at CMU pursuing robotics research. I’m also the co-founder of Tarteel, the first app that automatically identifies and corrects Muslims’ recitation of their holy book, the Quran.

Previously, I was a software engineer at AWS RoboMaker, contributing to the ROS2 core and ROS Tooling Working Group.

I studied Electrical & Computer Engineering (Math Minor) at Northeastern University, where I was advised by Prof. Taşkin Padir on various research thrusts including model-based shared control and cyber-physical systems.

You’ll find me working at the intersection of reinforcement learning and controls. My research goal is to formalize the way humans and autonomous systems interact, enabling robots to learn from and collaborate with humans. Robots will soon be as ubiquitous as our smartphones and so they need to learn how to engage and interact with us in a safe and collaborative manner.

You’ll find me otherwise looking for the next mountain or obstacle course to run!

Mentorship & Outreach  

If you are a high school student interested in getting involved in robotics (or just getting started with programming/engineering) please reach out! I’m always happy to answer questions and provide guidance. Robotics is super cool and especially exciting when you see your code come to life :)

Please use LinkedIn for all professional & consulting inquires.