Developing Production-Grade Applications with ROS 2

Published in Robot Operating System (ROS) The Complete Reference, 2021

Recommended citation: A. A. Allaban, D. Bonnie, E. Knapp, P. Gokhale and T. Moulard, "Developing Production-Grade Applications with ROS 2" to appear in Robot Operating System (ROS) The Complete Reference, 1st ed., Vol. 6, A. Koubaa, Ed., Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG 2021

A recurring concern for robotics application is how to scale from being a research product, into a production system. Developers need to compile their software for the chosen embedded platform, write tests for their code, and build infrastructure to support engineering best practices, such as Continuous Integration, and Delivery (CI/CD). This chapter introduces the reader to ROS packages, and tools which can be leveraged to build solid, commercial-grade, systems based on ROS 2.

This chapter is dividing into 5 sections, each describing a challenging problem ROS 2 developers will face as they transition their system to be commercial-grade. All sections mix explanations about technical concepts, such as cross-compilation, semantic versioning, etc., and a hands-on example allowing readers to gain practical experience.

Building robust software engineering, and systems, with ROS 2 is a topic which received little attention in the past. Without being exhaustive, the mission of this chapter is to help software engineers, and roboticist solving some of the challenges they may face, as they transition their research prototype into a fully fledged commercial system.

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